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Equipment for mask pattern generation and inspection

Multichannel laser generators

Pattern generators

Automatic mask inspection

Photomask inspection

Laser-based mask defect repair systems


Equipment for wafer pattern generation and inspection


Large-area steppers

Pattern generator for wafers

Mask Aligners

Inspection of wafers and substrates

Chip Preparation Equipment


Wafer Grinders

Dicing Saws

Die Control and Cassetting Systems

Assembly and Packaging Equipment, Laser Processing

Die Bonders

Wire Bonders

Wafer Bonders

IC Pretreatment Equipment

Laser Processing Equipment

Microscopy, Optical Components


Medical Equipment


Vacuum Chucks

Application: the chucks are intended to fix accurately silicon, glass, ceramic wafers during processing. The high accuracy of glass surface processing ensures high flatness (planarity) of the wafers being processed.


Material glass ceramic, optical glass, metal
Overall Dimensions 200 x 200 mm glass ceramic to 500 x 500 mm metal
Size Mesa Diameter 0.1 mm and more
Mesa Height 0.02 - 0.5 mm
Deviation of Flat LensTops from The Normal 0.15 mm for glass ceramic and glass (determined by surface preparation)

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