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Microlens Raster Components

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Application: The components are intended to achieve required light distribution and uniform illumination of objects in laser processing systems, illumination equipment, microscopes, medical equipment, as projection screens in visual devices, etc.


Substrate Material

Soda-lime or quartz glass,silicon,polymeric compound

Raster Structure

May be applied to both sides of the substrate.

Description Dimensions Roughness Rz
a, mm b, mm R,mm Max. overall
dimensions, mm
Linear Raster 0.02-1.0 - 0.03-50 up to 500500 <0.05
Rectangular Raster* 0.02-1.5 0.02-1.5 0.03-10 up to 140140 <0.05
Hexagonal Raster 0.02-1.0 - 0.03-50 up to 140140 <0.05
Orthogonal Raster 0.02-1.0 - 0.03-50 up to 140140 <0.05
Aperiodic Raster 0.02-0.3 - ** up to 500500 <0.05

* a/b up to l/5

** a/2R = 0.7-0.0175

Linear Raster
Ortogonal Raster
Hexagonal Raster
Rectangular Raster
Aperiodic Raster
Two-Raster Block

Application: for uniform illumination in optical system, rreduces diffraction effects.


Material Polymeric compound
Overall Dimensions Up to 130130 mm
Element Sizes (A) 0.25 to 1.5mm
Element Shape Convex
Element Package Hexagonal, orthogonal, linear
Block Thickness (D) 0.2 to 10.0 mm
Alignment Error forMicrolenses on Both Sides Not more then 0.01 mm
Raster Scatter and Diffuser Components

Application: to achieve a required light distribution, to improve image contrast in illumination systems of projection and metrologic equipment, in photoprinting, etc.


Material Optical glass, quartz glass, polymeric compound
Overall Dimensions 500500 mm maximum
Component Size 0.3 to 1.5 mm
Double Scattering Angle Up to 70
Aperture Ratio 1:2 to 1:10
Component Surface Shape Arbitrary
Component Pack Aperiodic

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