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Equipment for mask pattern generation and inspection

Precision pattern generators

Special application pattern generator

Automatic mask inspection

Systems for inspection of work masks

Laser-based mask defect repair systems


Equipment for wafer pattern generation and inspection

Equipment for wafer projection imaging

Large-area steppers

Equipment for direct writing on wafers

Tools for proximity exposure and double-side lithography

Wafer inspection equipment

Chip Preparation Equipment


Wafer Grinders

Dicing Saws

Die Control and Cassetting Systems

Assembly and Packaging Equipment, Laser Processing

Die Bonders

Wire Bonders

Wafer Bonders

IC Pretreatment Equipment

Laser Processing Equipment


Microelectronics Microscopes

Material Science


Medical Equipment


Optical Components

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Aspherical Parts

Aspherical Parts (cylindrical, parabolic, elliptical)

Spherical Parts

Spherical Parts (plano-convex lenses, plano-concave lenses, bi-convex lenses, bi-concave lenses, convex-concave lenses)

Fresnel Lenses

Fresnel Lenses (maximum dia. 1100 mm)


Prisms (cube, rhombic, Dove, rectangular, rectangular with roof, prisms, multangular, penta, rectangular triple)


Parallel-Sided Parts

Microlens Raster Components

Arrays (linear raster, rectangular raster, hexagonal raster, orthogonal raster, aperiodic raster, two-raster blocks, raster scatter and diffuser components)

Vacuum Chucks

Antireflection coatings

Broadband Multilayer Antireflection Coatings


Mirrors (broadband, dielectric, laser, etc.)


Beamsplitters (broadband, broadband dielectric, polarizing, non-polarizing, pellicle, etc.)

Photolithography method

Parts made by photolithography method (precision masks and reticles, grids, scales, test objects, radial rasters, code limbs and disks, analyzing masks and diaphragms, line standard meters and linear raster scales)

Bend Reflaction

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