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Laser Processing Equipment EM-290

Laser Processing Equipment EM-290 is intended for drilling holes in dice made of piezoelectric quartz, lithium niobate, lithium tantalat, langasite, langatate, alumina ceramics without any changes in the die physical characteristics as well as for laser cutting of microsystem equipment wafers.
The system is designed for enterprises, producing microelectronics

Wafer thickness from 150 to 1000 mkm
Working area 150150 mm
Minimal diameter of the hole 0.1 mm
Repeatability of the hole lines position No more than 0.005 mm
For wafers from piezomaterials: difference between the inlet and outlet hole No mare than 5 %
Shear size, max No more than 4 %
Drilling time of the hole with diameter 100 mkm in pizoquartz wafer with thickness 0.5 mm No more than 30 s
Coordinate table travel accuracy on 150 mm 0.004 mm
Minimal travel discretion X, Y No more than 0.001 mm
Repeatability of coordinate table travel on X, Y No more than 0.004 mm
Power requirements and consumption 400V; 50Hz; 3kW
Overall dimensions 2360x1100x1500 mm
Weight 1980 kg

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