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LIC Laser Marking System in Plastic Case EM-247

The system is intended for special marking of integral circuit devices and semiconductor devices.
The system peculiarity is the presence of automatic case feed in tapes to the area of laser marking.
Marking is carried out due to the automatic laser beam travel by the scanning mirrors in a horizontal plane along X, Y axis relative to the immobile case.
Loading/unloading devise, which can be set up for different widths and steps of the marking flow, provides for the processing of the majority of LIC tools.
Due to the coordination table presence it is possible to mark LIC, which are placed discretely in cassettes. It is also possible to mark LIC in metal and ceramic metal cases.

Diapason of automatic flow width regulation from10 to 75m
Coordination table travel on X, Y axis no less than 200200mm
Coordinate table positioning on X, Y axis repeatability no more than 20mkm
Marking fond type Latin, Russian
Marking line thickness no less than 80mkm
Marking time (plastic, 0.8mm font, 10 characters) no more than 0.3s
Number of marked LIC (plastic, 0.8mm font, 10 characters), excluding load-unload time no more than 7000 pcs/hour
Working scanning area size no less than 7070mm
Power consumption no more than 2 kW

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