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Ultrusonic Wire Bonder EM-4340A1


Ultrasonic Wire Bonder EM-4340-1 is intended for ultrasonic bonding of aluminium wires to contact pads of semiconductor device dice (transistors, Ics, etc.).

The welding head, which turns by φ angle and travels along X, Y and Z axis, has stepper drive system and provides for discrete tools bonding as well as cut off strips bonding.

The system is equipped with bonding control system. The basic parameters of the technological process (travel speed, bond force, time, etc.) can be programmed.

Feed of the frames in process (products) is push-up store with changeover. 

The push-up store replacing can be exercised by hand without the system standstill.

The system has the possibility to bond wires of different length, bonding levels, number of loop stitches, including wire bonding in excess up to 30mm.

Coordinate input of the die weld spot and the case leads is performed due to self-teach method, that gives the operator an opportunity of programming for a new kind of product.

Aluminium wire diameter 100500 mkm
Wire add production cycle automatic
Lead cutting from wire with knife semiautomatic, lead-in cut with knife, cut with the table
Bond direction die-traverse, traverse-die, die-die
Multidie bonding automatic
Adjustment to the contact pads automatic
Tool feed and fixation automatic
Throughput 0.8 s (wire add formation time, wire diameter is 200mkm, wire add length is 5mm)
Multistitch bonding as programmed
Wire bonding in excess yes
Wire add bonding with the turn up to + 900 from the bonding direction yes
Bond force 1.530 N
Frequency 666,6 kHz
Bond impulse duration 0.011 s
Power consumption from 0.4 to 40 W
Working area 40 mm exact
Weight 250 kg

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