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Automatic Wire Bonder EM-4020PM



Automatic Wire Bonder EM-4020PM is a recent development project of the JSC “Planar-SO”, which is intended for connection bonding wires of aluminum to the contact platforms of the crystal and hull by overlapping ultrasonic welding.


The system is equipped with:

- modern control system with imported components;

-  modern software based on MS Windows operating system;

-  modern optical-TV system;

- high-speed vision system.


The system is provided with feedback on X, Y and Z actuators of the working movement’s system.

The system provides automatic supply on the cycle into the instrument’s welding zone in “satellites”, which are in the cassette-magazines.


Workspace X-Y, mm 100õ50
Diameter of the bonding wires, mm 0.020…0.070
Error of the wire’s bonding, mm ±0.005
The maximum number of installed wires, pieces unlimited
The compressive force of connected elements, Í 0.1…1.6 ± 10%
Determination of touch As part of the welding system
Drive of clamp, delivery and avulsion of wire electromagnetic
Duration of welding impulse, sec 0.001…0.255
Discontinuity of welding impulse’s definition, s 0.001
The output power of the ultrasonic generator (regulated), W min 4
Power supply and power consumption 230 Â, 50 Hz, max 1.2 kW
Overall dimensions, mm 1300õ800õ1600
Weight, kg max 400

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