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Die Bonder EM-4075-1

The EM-4075A-1 Die Bonder is designed for bonding semiconductor chips in production of integrated circuits, hybrids, UHV-transistors, diode and transistor assemblies and other electronic devices by vibration eutectic soldering in manual mode.

The bonder is a desk-top version.

The system has following features: a scrubbing die bond head with a tool heater, heated work stage, gas heater for soldering in a protective gas environment, an object stage for the dice in bulk, light indicator.

The pick up of the dice is carried out by vacuum from the object stage or from a multi-row cellular cassette. The cases or substrates are placed discretely into working area of the heated table.

The size of the merged dies from 0,4x0,4mm to 10x10mm
The minimum height of the die 0,1 mm
Tool vibration amplitude from 0.1 to 0.25 mm
Tool vibration frequency from 2 to 10 Hz
Vacuum from 25 to 30 kPa
Power consumption and requirements 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 kW
Overall dimensions 525x450x525 mm
Weight 25 kg
The ability to offset the angle f of the die attaching,
manual alignment of a desk by the angle f
when viewed under a microscope and a pantograph along the XY
Compression load adjustable
Control range compression force 1-2,5

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