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Die Bonder E-4505


Die Bonder EM-4505 is intended for automatic die bonding with glue while producing semiconductor equipment in ceramic bodies with the use of satellite cassettes.

 The frame feed, glue application, wafer orientation, search of the first and subsequent good dice, dice bonding and bonded dice control are carried out automatically. Machine vision system provides for the good dice selection conforming to the following requirements: absence of marking spot, splits, shears, as well as recognition of the bonding point and the bonded dice control.

Loading device pushes the satellite cassette with ceramic bodies on the track from the pile loading case and feeds to the working positions of applying glue and die bonding.

Metering system is presented by pneumodosimeter, placed on the three- axes table, which provides for the application of one blob of glue of the definite shape and also application of glue according to the set pattern.

Highly productive three-coordinate X, Y, Z tool travel drive is equipped with the feedback, which allows for bonding dice with high accuracy. Tool with the die can be turned by 180˚.

Loading system and pick-up tool provide for die removal with set up force.

Control system and software are produced on the base of the PC-compatible industrial computer and Microsoft Windows operation system in real time mode, so that it provides for the realization of the modern operation interface.

Throughput 15002500dice/hour
Die bonding cycle time (for dice 1.51.5mm) 0.45s
Wafer diameter up to 200 mm
Die size from 0.250.25 to 2020 mm
Bonding method glue
Bonding force from 0.15 to 4 N
Bonding accuracy:
on X, Y axes 0.01 mm
angle 2.5˚
Power requirements:
From three-wire system with earth tension wire 230/50 Hz
Compressed air 0.5 0.6 MPa
Vacuum with residual pressure 0.02 0.04 MPa
Power consumption (max) 1 kW
Overall dimensions (L×W×H), mm 1460×720×1870
Weight, kg 450

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