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Die Bonder EM-4025M-3

EM-4025-3 Die Bonder is intended for eutectic, epoxy or soft solder bonding semiconductor chips and components in production of ICs, hybrids, diode and transistor arrays, microwave devices, and other multichip devices..

The minimum chip size is 0.40.4mm, the maximum size is 10x10 mm. The bonding dies a rates from 1:1 to 1:15.

The bonder is provided with a 8-tool turret-style bond head, heated workholder with two-zone heating, epoxy pneumatic dispenser. Z-drive ensures soft touching-down required for attaching AIIIBV devices.

Kinematic performance 2000 dice/h
Die size from 0.4×0.4 to 10×10 mm
The minimum height of the die 0,1 mm
Number of die holding tools 8
Repeatability of coordinate table positioning on axis X, Y 5 mkm
Stage travel area 400×200 mm
Regulation diapason of joining elements pressure 0.8 5.0
Working area temperature range (for every area) from 20 to 450
Turret head positioning accuracy along Z axis in the travel range from 0 to 9 mm 0.05mm
Die bonding accuracy:
- along the axes X, Y 0.055mm
- angle 5
Power consumption max 0,6 kW
Overall dimensions:
length 790 mm
width 780 mm
height 500 mm

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