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Semiautomatic Wafer Dicing Saw EM-225

EM-225M Semiautomatic Wafer Dicing Saw is designed for through-cutting or notching of semiconductor wafers made of silicon, GaAs, policor, ceramics, etc. into rectangular dices; dividing of glass, glass-ceramic, policor and other substrates with the help of a special diamond wheel.

Operator-inspected wafer alignment and cutting quality is assisted by an optical TV system.

The object table provides for fixing the wafer on the plate, rotating in automatic or set mode by 90 with the minimum discrete turn 12 seconds of angle.

Spindle with abrasive disk together with television microscope moves by up to 150 mm with the minimal discretion 0.01. Accumulated accuracy on Y axis is 0.02 mm.

Wafer diameter 76, 100, 150 mm
Object table length feed speed on X axis from 0,5 to 100 mm/s
- with discretion 0,5 mm/s
Programmed travel of the object table on Z axis to 6 mm
- with discretion 0,001 mm
Spindle step on Y axis (0,01 150) mm
-with discretion 0,001 mm
Minimal discretion of the table turn drive 12 sec of angle
Spindle revolution range (14 000 60 000) rpm^(-1)
Output capacity on the electrospindle roller 1,2 kW
Compressed air from 0,5 to 0,6 MPa
Compressed air consumption 10 m^3/hour
Water from 0,20 to 0,3 MPa, 10 l/min
Overall size 1200x1200x1500 mm
Weight 300 kg
Power consumption, max 2kW

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