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EM-2085B Wafer Dicing Saw

EM-2085B semiautomatic dicing saw is intended for cutting of semiautomatic wafers with the diameter up to 200 mm and the thickness up to 3 mm.

EM-2085B is based on the highly-precision systems, which provide the high accuracy of movements. The semiautomatic dicing saws is equipped with feedback sensors on X, Y, Z drives; non-contact system for cutting depth control and dicing blade wearing, expanded processor memory, closed cutting zone, providing more reliable, simple and comfort work.

The semiautomatic dicing saw ensures the diagnostics of main functioning units with the output on LCD.


The diameter of the processed wafers, mm 76, 100, 150, 200
Power electrospindle, kW 1,2
Shaft speed electrospindle, min-1 from 14000 to 60000
Max electrospindle movement on the Y axis, mm 250
The maximum displacement of the table object on the X axis, mm 300
The maximum displacement along the Z axis, mm 24
The range of adjustment of the working table feed object in the X mm/s from 0,1 to 400
Control range indexing electrospindle Y-axis, mm from 0,01 to 250
Accumulated error indexing electrospindle Y axis over a length of 210 mm 0,004
Reproducibility electrospindle movement along the Z axis to a length of 8 mm 0,005
The volume flow of compressed air (at 0.5 MPa), m3 / h 12
Compressed air pressure, MPa 05-06
Vacuum from 0,04 to 0,03 MPa
Overall dimensions, mm 970x950x1400

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