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System for Wafer Packaging EM-2058

EM-2058 Desktop System for Wafer Placement on Adhesive Carrier is designed to place semiconductor wafers made of silicium, gallium arsenide, etc. on protective adhesive film (with or without a protective layer) with metal frame FF-105 before a through dicing.

The system works with frames FF-075, FF-80 and FF-105 made by PERFECTION PRODUCTS and adhesive film SWT 20 made by NITTO or any other film with the same characteristics.

The operator uploads the frame and wafer by hand, then they are fixed on the working table by means of vacuum.

The frame and the wafer are fixed to the film with the help of rubber roller.

The system improves the placement quality of wafers with small-size dice due to the work table heating.

The system provides high quality wafer placement that eliminates air bubbles and the wafer damage.

The system can be used both with and without the protective film.

The protective film reeling mechanism is used for this purpose.

Wafer diameter 30,150, 200 mm
Wafer thickness, min 70 mkm
Wafer thickness, max 460 mkm
Adhesive carrier width 250285 mm
Throughput, no less than 60 wafer/hour
Power consumption, max 0.5 kW
Power requirements 230V, 50Hz
Vacuum 0.020.04 MPa
Working table temperature 4050º
Overall dimensions (width x length x height): 480x850x320 mm (with the open cover 650 mm)
Weight 40 kg

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