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Diamond Dicing Wheels DAR10


Diamond Dicing Wheels with multilayer diamond  cutting edge deposited on aluminum body with nickel binder by electrolytic method are intended for dicing wafers made of materials used in microelectronics


The inner wheel layer provides for enduring quality and high productivity, the outer layers provide for the high cut quality. Standard fitting and outer diameters allow using wheels on any dicing equipment.

Outer diameter, mm 56.0
Inner diameter (fitting), mm 19.05
Cutting wedge profile V-shape
Cutting wedge profile angle, degree 60, 90
Formed bevil angle, degree 30, 45
Material to be cut Silicium, GaAs and other semiconductor materials

Table 1. Symbol diamond grain size of the blade, the processed material

Grit size (every layer), mkm Marking Material
4/2 Ga As; Ga P
6/4 Si; Ga As; Ga P
10/7 Si
14/10 K LiNb, Sic
20/14 M ceramic
Example identification when ordering DAR10DAR10 150/60CTY BY 100104924.056-2010
DAR10    150/60    A
DAR10110/90    C
TypePerformanceThe size of the diamond grains


   We can also deliver wheels meeting your special requirements to main parameters and material to be cut.

You can order a trial lot of diamond dicing wheels for testing under your manufacturing process.



Table 2. Performance wheels DAR10

Symbol performance The maximum height of the airfoil blade, mkm Angle profile Blade thickness, mkm
DAR10-70/60 70 605 from 100 to 120
DAR10-110/60 110 605 from 150 to 170
DAR10-150/60 150 605 from 200 to 230
DAR10-190/60 190 605 from 250 to 290
DAR10-240/60 240 605 from 300 to 340
DAR10-35/90 35 905 from 100 to 120
DAR10-60/90 60 905 from 150 to 170
DAR10-80/90 80 905 from 200 to 230
DAR10-100/90 100 905 from 250 to 290
DAR10-130/90 130 905 from 300 to 340

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