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Chemical wafer grinder EM-3047

EM-3047 Chemical Wafer Grinder is intended for elimination of surface traction and the damaged silicium layer after the mechanical wafer grinding with the subsequent washing and drying.

The system is designed in compliance with the global practice of the analogical chemical wafer grinders.

Using the control system it is possible to change the basic parameters of the equipment for each mode: for corrosion, washing and drying.

The system provides automatic wafer loading-unloading.

Corrosion parameters:
time regulation diapason 10-200 sec
centrifuge rate of rotation regulation diapason 0-400 turn/min
Washing and drying parameters:
time regulation diapason 10-200 sec
centrifuge rate of rotation regulation diapason 500-1000 turn/min
Wafer diameter 100, 150, 200 mm
Acid proof water drain with throughput capacity 0.12 m3/hour
Acid proof ventilation system
Power requirements 220 V, 50 Hz
Overall dimensions 1750×850×2250 mm

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