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Equipment for mask pattern generation and inspection

Multichannel laser generators

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Photomask inspection

Laser-based mask defect repair systems


Equipment for wafer pattern generation and inspection


Large-area steppers

Pattern generator for wafers

Mask Aligners

Inspection of wafers and substrates

Chip Preparation Equipment

EM-6520, EM-6520-1
Probe Cards

Wafer Grinders

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Die Control and Cassetting Systems

Assembly and Packaging Equipment, Laser Processing

Die Bonders

Wire Bonders

Wafer Bonders

IC Pretreatment Equipment

Laser Processing Equipment

Microscopy, Optical Components


Medical Equipment


Probe Cards

Probe Cards used in probing equipment are designed to ensure electrical contact between probes and contact pads of ICs and semiconductor devices on wafers.

Probe fixation in accordance with the clients die type is completed with the help of compound.

High density of probe placement enables probe cards usage for control of multiwire microcircuit static and dynamic parameters.

Probe cards operational life is up to 2 million contacts.

Number of probes up to 260
Probe material tungsten
Tip shape sphere R 0.025 mm
Tip length 0.2-0.5 mm
Planarity, mm 0.03 mm
Contact force 0.06 gramm/mkm
Probes arrangement minimum pitch 0.15 mm
Pad sizes from 0.080.08 mm
Die size up to 2121 mm
Trace to trace resistance >10^11 Ohm
Trace to trace electric capacitance, max 2.0 pF
Overall dimensions:
diameter 110 mm
height 16 mm
Weight 0.186 kg

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