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Analytical Submicron Prober EM-6070

The EM-6070A Submicron Prober is intended to ensure electrical contact between probes and semiconductor chip pattern elements and metalized buses of micron and submicron sizes, to provide visual inspection of structures as well as to localize certain features during diagnostics of internal IC block condition under normal and high temperature ranges.

The EM-6070A is top desk.

Wafer diameter up to 200 mm
Dice Size (0.40.4) (20x20) mm
Minimal size of element to be contacted 0.8 mkm
Micromanipulator travel on X, Y, Z 10 mm
Micromanipulator sensitivity 250 mkm/turn
Fine tuning sensitivity 20 mkm/turn
Travel with fine turning 200 mkm
Micromanipulator fixing to the platform permanent magnet
Object table heating temperature 50150C
Microscope magnification 20^Յ2000^
Power requirements ~220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, max 0.8 kW
Vacuum with residual pressure 0.04MPa

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