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Stepping Pulse Motors DSI-200

English MainProductsMolds, Linear Step Motors, SensorsStep Motors, Sensors › Stepping Pulse Motors DSI-200

A wide range of stepping pulse motors is designed for processing of discrete travel angles.
DSI motors differ from stepping motors which are in serial production by high precision and dynamic characteristics as well as the possibility of carrying out electric reduction.

Small dimensions and unique mounts enable their easy and comfortable assembly in special operation equipment for radio engineering, electronic, instrument engineering and other industries.

Motor type
Parameters DSI-200-1 DSI-200-2 DSI-200-3 DSI-200-0,5
Maximum statistic synchronizing torque, nm 0.25 0.46 0.84 0.32
Single step, degree and accuracy of step execution 1.8 (3%) 1.8 (3%) 1.8 (3%) 1.8 (5%)
Maximum acceleration frequency, Hz 1200 1000 1000 920
Nominal motor phase current, A 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Phase winding resistance, Ohm 1.560.15 2.10.2 3.350.3 3.350.3
Phase winding inductance, mH (not more than) 1.6 3.0 6.2 14
Shaft run-out, ?m (not more than) 12 12 12 12
Number of phase winding 4 4 4 4
Weight, kg 0.35 0.54 0.91 0.52

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