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Table for Curing Dystrophic Diseases of Spinal Column SLP-1


Adjustment range of rotation angles of the table panels,
angles of the table panels bending/unbending,
drawing aside angles of the pelvic panel
-15 to +15
Adjustment range of linear travel of the table panels 0 to 180 mm
Range of traction effort of the table panels 100 to 500 N
Range of coordinates travel of vibrator cylinder:
in longitudinal direction -100 to +100 mm
in transversal direction -25 to +25 mm
in vertical direction -20 to +20 mm
Nominal swing of vibrator cylinder vibrotravels 2 mm
Adjustment range of vibrator cylinder oscillation:
Frequency 5 to 50 Hz
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 1.5 kW, not more
Overall dimensions 2200x 1100x 1800 mm
Weight 450 kg

The table is designed for curing reflex (lumbodynia, lumbar ischialgia) and radicular (radiculitis) syndromes of lumbar   osteochondrosis and initial manifestations of spondilarthro sis with phenomena of  moderate lumbodynia and thoracolumbodynia by mechanical factors (stretching along the spinal column axis with simultaneous longitudinal and transversal influence of vibration).

Therapeutical effect is provided by:

  • adaptation of the table panels to the patient's spinal column deformation and giving antalgic posture (positional cure) by inclining and moving the table panels with the help of electrodrives with feedback by position by 5 coordinates,
  • traction of spinal column which allows to liquidate or decrease, compression of radices and irritation of nociceptive receptors in the ajea of injured vertebral motor segment (VMS);
  • using   longitudinal   vibration   which  enhances  the  effectiveness  of traction (removal of functional blockades of adjacent VMSs and intervertebral joints);
  • using transversal vibration with the frequency of 5 - 10 Hz which simulates the methods of manual therapy aimed at liquidation of functional blockades of intervertebral joints,
  • using transversal vibration with the frequency of 30 - 50 Hz which allows to liquidate or decrease pathological hypertone of the waist muscles;
  • vibromassage of hypotrophic waist muscles

The control system of SLP-1 made on the basis of IBM PC allows to set and quickly change parameters of mechanical influence over a patient in the form convenient for a doctor, using standard keyboard, mouse and monitor:

  • change the spatial position of a patient on the table, moving the thoracal and pelvic panels of the table by 5 coordinates,
  • quickly change the effort of traction (stretching) in the process of procedure,
  • use the "floating" mode of traction with alternate increase and decrease of effort of traction;

Influence by vibration over the lumbar region of the spinal column by various changeable elastic appliances

A dedicated software, besides the functions of control and diagnostics of SLP-1 operation, provides the possibility to create and keep individual electronic charts of treatment procedures carrying out with the help of SLP-1.

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