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Visual inspection and automated wafers dice marking station MK-AM

The MK-AM system is intended for visual die inspection of IC, using a microscope, with the aim of finding bad dice on the wafers and marking them automatically.
The following procedures are made on the system:
) Wafer loading and unloading  - manually;
b) Preliminary wafer orientation within 5 (manually, with the help of a special key)  with the following automatic correction  of the wafer orientation rest error (if necessary) through the coordinate table during wafer inspection;
c) Stage positioning along ,Y according to program or manually via the joystick;
d) Microscope magnification change from the microscope control panel;
e) Focussing manually;
f) Bad die marking is made one by one after finding defect dice or automatically after completing inspection of the whole wafer.

 Diameter of wafers being processed, mm 100; 150; 200
 Microscope magnification 100; 200; 500
 Automatic object stage:  
 - stage travel along X-Y, mm, not less than 283x204
 - displacement error, mm 0.03
 - displacement discreteness, mm 0.005
 - travel speed, mm 0.5 ... 40
 Size of defects being detected, m, not less 0.8
Displacement of marking spot relatively to the die center, mm, not more than 0.2
 Power consumption, W 500
 Power supply ~ 230V, 50Hz
 Overall dimensions, mm 1300x1200x1400
 Weight, kg 150

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