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Microscope MI-1

The inverted microscopes MI-1 and MI-1T are intended for inspection and research in metallography and other fields of science and technology.
The microscope's design is highly ergonomic. It allows adjusting the eye base and carry out the dioptric adjusting for operator's eyesight in broad range. The magnification change is made through an electromechanical drive. An option is envisaged for fine and coarse accelerated displacement of the object stage and for easy switching between the modes. All this makes the work at the microscope easy.

Object observation modes:
 bright and dark fields by reflected light (MI-1);
 bright field in transmitted light, light and dark field in reflected light (MI-1T);
 polarization contrast by reflected light.

Basic Model Specifications
Objectives (planapochromats) 5x 10x 20x 50x 100x
  numerical aperture 0.15 0.30 0.45 0.80 0.90
  objective working distance, mm 5.60 2.25 1.25 0.55 0.32
  resolution, lines/mm, no less than 400 750 1200 1800 2400
  visible magnification with 10x eye-piece:          
     with 1.0xbarrel lens 50 100 200 500 1000
     with 1.5xbarrel lens 75 150 400 750 1500
  linear field of vision, mm not less than          
     with 1.0x barrel lens 3.90 1.90 0.90 0.38 0.18
     with 1.5x barrel lens 2.60 1.27 0.60 0.25 0.15
 Nosepiece quintuple motorized
 Object stage manually controlled
 Stage travel along X, Y, mm , no less than 25x25
 Stage rotation along Z, deg 15
 Focussing value, mm, not less than 7
 Sensitivity of fine focussing, mm/revolution 0.08
 Power requirements ~ 230V, 50Hz / 200W
 Overall dimensions, mm (I-1/I-1) 750x350x420/750x350x490
 Weight, kg (I-1/I-1) 30/34

On the request the following parts can be supplied (optional):

  • Objectives with enlarged focal length  - 5 (17mm), 10 (22,4mm), 20 (12,8mm) ; 
  • Two eyepieces 15x, two eyepieces 12.5x (one of them with grid);
  • Transmitted light illuminator
  • Set of polarization filters reflected light;
  • Set of changeable light filters transmitted light;
  • TV-adapter;
  • Photo adapter.

On the base of the microscope a complete complex can be mount: microscope, adapter, TV-camera, digital photo camera, computer (monitor), software.

Universal inverted optical microscope with screening of images on personal computer or video monitor can be shipped

Microscope is intended for use in metallography researches in industry, biological scientific researches as well as in other field of science and engineering.

It is possible to mount on additional optical channel different digital cameras with proper adapters.

For operation with different clear objects in biology and other different fields of science and engineering this microscope can be equipped with an additional transmitted light illuminator which is supplied with a set of changeable light filters transmitted light. Operating mode of the transmitted light illuminator using method of polarization contrast is envisaged.


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