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Automatic Distraction Device

The automatic distraction device enables to automate and optimize the process of forming of the compression osteosynthesis regeneration when equipping the compression-distraction apparatus of G. A. Ilizarov in the specialized departments of orthopedics and traumatic surgery of medical establishments.

Brief Description

The automatic distractor is composed of:

  • Three distraction drives which are fixed to the standard half-rings of various diameters of apparatus of G.A.Ilizarov and transfer forces to the standard threaded rods.
  • Control unit with the replaceable rechargeable batteries which are fixed on the waist of a patient.
  • Control console to define a program to control the automatic distractor during treatment of the patient. The control console is a detachable part of the automatic distractor and is at the disposal of the doctor in charge of the case to avoid an unauthorized access of the patient to the program.


Distraction force developed by the automatic distractor, not less than: 50 kg
24-hours' cycle (number of distractions per 24 hours): 6-180
One-time distraction step: 0.01-0.2 mm
Step increment: 0.01 mm
Rechargeable battery life: 7 days
Automatic distractor weight: 2 kg

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