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Medical Equipment

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Planar Concern has begun to develop medical equipment since the beginning of the 1970s in cooperation with a number of leading R&D medical institutes and hospitals of Belarus and former USSR.

More that 20 years ago a general hyperthermia system was built for the Oncology Research Institute in Borovliany, Belarus, which is used in the treatment of oncologycal patients till nowadays.

On requests of Belarusian Trauma and Orthopedic Research Institute there has been developed and manufactured a great number of steel and titanium implants for bones fixation while performing complicated surgical operations on extremities.

On requests of a well-known Estonian surgeon A. Seppo we developed and regularly supplied fixing apparatuses for osteosynthesis of fractures of long tubular bones for the most complicated surgical operations on extremities, which allow not only to heal the bones after compound fractures but also to elongate the extremities.

Since 1987 Planar Concern has been developing and producing prosthetic cardiac valves of Planics Series. This development was conducted in cooperation with such well-known cardiological centers as Moscow Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after Bakylev and Belarusian cardiologycal Research Institute.

On requests of Moscow Physiotherapy Research Institute and Belarusian Neurology, Neurosurgery and Physiotherapy Research Institute we developed, manufactured and introduced into medical practice the tables for traction extension of spine STR-1. In the continuation of this development together with the Belarusian Neurology Research Institute in 1995 we developed and produce a table for treating dystrophy of spinal column SLP-1 that is successfully used in medical practice.

Recently we have developed medical and biological microscopes MMB-1 and MMB-2, which successfully passed all necessary tests and are being prepared for serial production.

Also we have developed and produce a number products for baby care: incubators, biological lamps for irradiating the newborns, etc.

In 2002 we developed, tested and start producing an automatic distraction apparatus AD-1 which allows to automatize and optimize the process of regenerate formation while using them in combination with  Ilizarovs apparatus.


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