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Microscopy, Optical Components

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Planar began to develop and produce visual observation devices, mainly microscopes and optical projectors in 1964. In 1966 we started production of microscopes and projectors for mask aligners and in 1969 these mask aligners were equipped with two-field microscopes developed by Planar. More than 2,000 pieces of this kind of equipment were produced in the 1970s.

In 1976 Planar started serial production of a series of projectors for assembly operations (PN-80 Series) and in 1982 introduced a high-resolution projector with a raster screen (MPV Model).

In 1983 we began production of defect inspection microscopes (MKD Series) and in 1988 - inspection microscopes for various applications with magnification of 1000 (MKI 2 Series).

At present Planar Concern offers a great variety of microscopes for electronic industry, scientific researches in metallography, medicine and biology.


Manufacture of optical parts and components is one of the important issues in the research, development and production of semiconductor equipment. With due account of the growing needs in photolithography equipment a separate optical production branch was formed at Planar Concern in 1967. The optical facility is equipped with processing, vacuum deposition, inspection and measurement equipment from Loh, Data, Moller Wedel, Oriel, Leubold Heraus, etc. A number of inspection, adjustment and measurement instruments was developed and made by Planar Concern, as well as a number of manufacturing equipment including systems for production of thin-walled reflectors by vacuum bending, for centering of lenses in mounts, for assembly, adjustment and testing of precision projection objectives. Planar Concern has introduced manufacturing methods for treatment of new brands of glass, solved the problems arising in production of complex prisms like Amici, roof-shape prisms and others. At present Planar Concern is capable to produce precision optical parts and components.


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