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Wafer bonder EM-4044

Wafer Bonder EM-4044 is intended for diffusion bonding of composite materials with the use of low temperature brosilicate glass.

Wafer Bonder EM-4044 consists of:
- control pillar 1 pc.
- feed motion 1 pc.
- bonding tool 1 pc.
- prevacuum pump 1 pc.
- transportation tool 1 pc.
- video monitor 1 pc.

The system has regulation and programming of the basic bonding parameters for the production of high quality bonds.
The system is provided with the diagnostics of the basic functional tools.

The system operating procedures:
) loading and unloading of the bonding products into the working chamber with the feed motion by hand;
b) Wafer bonding program mode input on the monitor display (programming of technological parameters and the cycle of bonding);
c) automatic bonding in compliance with the chosen program.

Bonding matters and their combinations: silicium-silicium;
Wafer diameter 76, 100, 150 mm
Wafer thickness 0.15 mm (for wafers with diameter 76mm);
from 0.3 to 1.0 mm (for wafers with diameter 100, 150 mm)
Number of simultaneously bonding wafers 2 pc.
Regulation diapason of work table heating temperature From plus 50 to plus 500
Table working zone cooling speed up to 30 ˚/min
Table working zone cooling speed up to 14 ˚/min
Temperature evenness on table working zone 1.5 %
Residual pressure (vacuum) in the working chamber 1.3*10-3Pa
Maximum wafer pressing force at the time of bonding 8 kN
Operating system , operating system Windows
Power requirements and consumption 230V, 50 Hz, no more than 6 kW
Overall dimensions 1300x800x1600 mm
Weight No more than 350 kg

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