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Press tour 2016

 A guest press event of the National press center of the Republic of Belarus with the support of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus devoted to the upcoming Unity of Peoples of Russia and Belarus Day was held on the 17th of February 2015 in the scientific and research holding of precision engineering УPlanarФ. The journalists were interested in the ways of realization of Belarusian and Russian projects and programs, condition and effectiveness of the scientific and technological cooperation of the companies of the УPlanarФ holding and Russian enterprises. The participants of the press tour were proposed a list of activities to evaluate scientific and technological level of the УPlanarФ holding as well as realization of the Belarusian and Russian scientific and technological programs: video films, excursion to the production, briefing with the top management of the УPlanarФ holding where journalists were able to ask all the questions. The meeting was very constructive with mutual willingness to continue cooperation. VFL.RU - ваш фотохостинг VFL.RU - ваш фотохостинг VFL.RU - ваш фотохостинг VFL.RU - ваш фотохостинг


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