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Equipment for Photolithography Processes and Assembly of ICs

Optical Systems, XY-Systems, Molds, Medical Equipment

Fabrication of photomasks for ICs, PCBs, TV masks, defect inspection and repair

Mask aligners, step-and-repeat systems, wafer inspection

Probers, dicing saws, wafer grinders, chip prep "

Die bonders, wire bonders, HIC and smart card assembly, surface mount

Microscopy, laser processing, optical components

Medical equipment

Molds, linear step motors

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Winter sport competition 2016
A winter sport competition of the Lenensky district, Minsk was held during last holidays of the January (29-31) in educational and health-improving center "Zubrenok" on the lake Naroch. The team of the Planar company took part in this sport competition and was on the 3rd place among 22 companies. The participants took part in different competitions: volleyball, chess, swimming, ping-pong, intellectual game What? Where? When? and KVN. And what is more important the competition was held in the atmosphere of friendship and with very emotional support of the teammates. So the friendship won! We are all waiting for the summer sport competition!  gqLzUORORns

Open Joint Stock Company


The history of OJSC Planar is counted since November 1962. Nowadays, Planar is united scientific and production complex of enterprises, that develops and produces high-tech optomechanical, inspection and assembly equipment for microelectronics, based on the modern technologies and synthesis of latest achievements of science and technics!


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