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R&D Department of Engineering

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The enterprise was established in 1971 by the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR. Since February 13 2003, the enterprise has been transformed into an open joint stock company, namely Scientific and Production Research and Design Department of Engineering Open Joint Stock Company with a state-owned share of 99.5%. The enterprise includes its branch called Polygraph Scientific and Production Company. The enterprise is managed by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus.

Number of employees: 46 including 11 employees working for Polygraph Scientific and Production Company.

The main line of business of the company is design, production, sales and maintenance of various process equipment, devices and units with the use of electronic technology. The company has experience in design, manufacture and implementation of automatic equipment for surface mount of radioelements and produced and introduced more than 50 machines of different type at the companies of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

R&D Department of Engineering

Vladimir A. Rakov

R&D Department of Engineering

81 Frunze Ave
Vitebsk 210602 
Republic of Belarus

Phone/Fax:  (+375-212)24-02-71


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