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Plantorg trade and production republican unitary enterprise is part of PLANAR State Scientific and Production Corporation for Precision Engineering and has the status of a legal entity.

Area: 4, 088 sq. m.

Number of employees: 90

Main line of business: retail trade, commercial and production activity, recreation and entertainment services.  

The enterprise puts considerable effort to maximize commodity turnover by increasing decentralized purchase of goods, increasing range of goods of its own production, participating in city and district fairs, and leasing administrative and commercial areas.

Much attention is paid to popularize active life through billiards tournaments, martial arts tournaments, night disco and concert arrangement on its own grounds.           

Plantorg Unitary Enterprise is aimed at profit-making to meet the needs of its own employees as well as the proprietor of the enterprise and to satisfy public wants for products and services.        

We invite partners to work together for common benefit!



Nadezhda A. Fedorovich


Plantorg Unitary Enterprise



2 Partizansky Ave.
220033  Minsk
Republic of Belarus


Phone/Fax: +375-17- 2261904

Phone:        +375-17- 2233329


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