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PLANAR Managing Holding Company

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PLANAR Corporation includes:

R&D enterprises:

  • Planar-SO Joined Stock Company, Minsk - design and manufacture of assembly equipment
  • KBTEM-OMO Joined Stock Company, Minsk design and manufacture of optomechanical and inspection and measuring equipment
  • Optoelectronic Systems Open Joint-Stock Company, Minsk - design and manufacture of microscopes and microscope-based inspection stations for microelectronics, engineering, medicine, biology as well as production of optical components
  • Scientific and Production Research and Design Department of Engineering, Vitebsk - design, manufacture and maintenance of assembly equipment as well as production of electronic units
  • Precision Technology Equipment Research and Production Limited Liability Company, Minsk - design and manufacture of laser technology equipment for high precision processing of microelectronics materials


  • Electronmash Joined Stock Company, Minsk - production of shop equipment, consumer goods, medical equipment and tools

Trade and Production Enterprise:

  • Plantorg Subsidiary of JSC Planar, Minsk -  retail trade, commercial and production activity,  recreation and entertainment services

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