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Joined stock company “Planar-SO” began its activity in 1962 as an organization department included into design department of high-precision electronic engineering (KBTEM).


In 1991 KBTEM-SO was founded as a legal entity included into PLANAR State Scientific and Production Concern for Precious Engineering, which was renamed as Joined Stock Company “Planar-SO” in 2012.


The first products of the enterprise were manual wire bonders, and then there were die bonders, probes, dicing saws. Later on, automatic equipment for preparing assembly of microelectronic items was designed.


Currently, the main area of activity of JSCo “Planar-SO” is design and manufacture of special technology equipment for assembly of semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, microelectromechanical systems and other electronic items.


The enterprise produces the following equipment:


  Wafer grinders,

  Dicing saws,

  Die inspection and cassetting systems,

  Wire bonders,


  Sorting and packaging system,

  Surface and packaging system,

  Surface mount system,

  Laser processing system.


Highly qualified and skilled mechanics, electronics, and software engineers are employed at the enterprise to carry out projects on such a wide range of the equipment. Our R&D engineers play an imortant role engaging in research of physical processes underlying the technological operations of probing, wafer dicing, die and wire bonding by means of physical and chemical analysis, X-ray diffraction topography, scanning electron and acoustic microscopy, and in development of methods of nondestructive inspection of microconnections and work in close contact with our customers to carry out manufacturing application of newly created equipment.  

In 2008 to 2012, the enterprise has created  new generation equipment within our whole product range. All projects have been fulfilled in accordance with the governmental programs of the Republic of Belarus and the joint Belarusian-Russian scientific and technical program for creation of a technological base for production  of new generation electronic items. The enterprise has gathered experience in having joint developments with a number of foreign companies. The design of EM-4260 Automatic Wire Bonder could be named as an example of the most efficient cooperation, with a Korean company Samsung Aerospace Industries Ltd participating in R&D operations.

In spite a wide variety of the equipment displayed on our web-site, we are open for any proposals  concerning its upgrade, extension of its application range and adjustment to customers needs.

We welcome all forms of cooperation which is beneficial for both parties.

Our main purpose is to analyze current needs of customers to more fully implement their future demands in innovative products.

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Republic of Belarus

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