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KBTEM-OMO, R&D and manufacturing company, began its operation in 1962 as a structural subdivision  of a design department of high precision electronic engineering (KBTEM).

As per an order of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus No 82 of December 16, 1991 an enterprise named KBTEM-OMO Scientific and Production Rebublican Unitary Enterprise was founded within PLANAR State Scientific and Production Corporation for Precision Engineering with a legal entity status.

The main directions of R&D and production activity of KBTEM-OMO are development and production of special process optomechanical and  inspection and measurement equipment, i.e:

Special process optomechanical  and inspection and measurement equipment for production of microelectronic items:

Mask fabrication (PCB masks, LCD masks, TV shadow masks):

  • single-channel, multi-channel and large-area laser pattern generators;
  • photo repeaters;
  • laser mask repair systems.


  • steppers (including LCD steppers and PCB steppers);
  • mask aligners (contact/proximity exposure, top-to-bottom side alignment);

Inspection and measurement equipment:

  • flatness inspection systems for wafers, masks, LCDs;
  • defect inspection systems for wafers, masks, LCD masks;
  • critical dimensions inspection systems for wafers, masks;
  • coordinate measurement systems;
  • microscopes.

Optical components and coatings:

  • lenses (including diffraction lenses), prisms, plates, magnifiers;
  • bifocal  spheroprismatic elements;
  • spherical  aerostatic bearings;
  • reflectors made by vacuum bending;
  • certifying and test masks;
  • super precision grids, scales, linear and angular focus targets, limbs, raster scales;
  • diffraction gratings (including beam splitters which redistribute light into orders of equal intensity orders), diffraction focusers, laser irradiation converters (including converters into lines, combination of dots, intersecting lines, ring);
  • Fresnel lenses (aspherical including);
  • microlens arrays on optical glass and PMMA in the form of close-packed spherical (hexagonal or orthogonal) or cylindrical lenses;
  • two-raster blocks;
  • beam splitters, homogenizers;
  • optical coatings: interference, polarizing, antireflection.

Medical equipment:

  • biological lamps for newly born babies photo therapy;
  • automatic distraction apparatuses;
  • medical and biological microscopes.

Instruments and services for electromagnetic compatibility certification (EMC)

KBTEM-OMO is a member of the following international organizations, i.e.:

SEMI - Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International 
SPIE - The International Society of Optical Instruments Engineering

We constantly upgrade our R&D and manufacturing facilities thus enabling the improvement of  technical level of our products meeting the state of the art level, namely:

  • automated design of precision mechanical parts and systems;
  • design of complex optical systems with the use of CAD OPTICS;
  • design of electronic systems with the use of CAD ELECTRONICS based on ALTERA software;
  • the use of state of the art components;
  • the use of unitized control systems.

The total number of employees is 713 people including:

  • R&D personnel 389;
  • Doctor of Technical Science 1;
  • Candidate of Technical Science  4.

KBTEM-OMO structure includes R&D divisions for optical systems, precision mechanical systems, photoelectric systems, automatic electronic control systems, equipment control software, power and pneumatic supply systems, and testing.

Scientific, technical and innovation activity of KBTEM-OMO is carriedn out in close cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences, higher education establishments and R&D institutes.

KBTEM-OMO has gained a great experience in fulfillment of joint technical developments with a number of foreign companies from Russia, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, China, Germany.

KBTEM-OMO export geography: Russia, Germany, China, Italy, Republic of Korea, Mexico, India, Poland, Taiwan, Israel.


Syarhei M. Avakaw


2 Partizansky Ave.
Minsk 220033
Republic of Belarus

Phone: +375-17-226-12-05;      Marketing: +375-17-223-71-28
Fax:     +375-17-226-12-05

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