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Electronmash Factory was established in 1968 as the basic technological and industrial facility for manufacture of experimental samples and prototypes, initial batches of special process equipment developed by KBTEM.

In 1995, following the reconstruction procedure, PLANAR TM Factory (which had been a part of Electronmash Plant) became a leading independent enterprise of the Concern and the main producer of special process equipment while the line of business of Electronmash factory was reduced to:

  • development and batch production of medical equipment;
  • batch production of shop equipment;
  • development and batch manufacture of sanitary and non-standard equipment.

Production area: 7, 200 sq. m

Number of employees: 200


Major products:

Shop equipment:

  • holders, brackets, sections, supports, tables made of stainless steel, ferrous metal and aluminum. Manufacture as per customer’s drawings is also possible.

Medical equipment:

  • prosthetic cardiac valves Planics, Planics-T;
  • prosthetic cardiac adjusters Plancor.

Non-standard equipment:

  • metal dressers for cloakrooms, production and sport rooms;
  • demountable metal racks/shelves;
  • fitter, radiomounter’ workdesks, worker desks;
  • metal garbage bins for production rooms and offices.

The enterprise has the following production lines:

  • frame-blanking production line (stamping, bending, forminng, welding etc.);
  • machining (all kinds of processing such as turning, milling, polishing, jig-boring etc. including processing on machining centers);
  • tool production line;
  • assembly line;
  • ornamental, corrosion resistance coatings (including polymer coatings).

We have extensive experience in processing high alloys and stainless steels including high quality electric plasma polishing application.

Electronmash Factory Unitary Enterprise

2 Partizansky Ave.
Minsk 220033
Republic of Belarus

Phone/Fax: (+375-17) 2984766 (reception room)

Phone/Fax: (+375-17) 3104970 (marketing office)


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