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PLANAR Corporation today

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PLANAR Corporation is a unified scientific and technical complex of enterprises which designs and manufactures most complex optomechanical, inspection and measuring and assembly equipment for microelectronics on the basis of most advanced technologies and synthesis of the latest achievements of science and technology in various fields of knowledge. Its leading enterprise is listed among hi-tech enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.  

High precision electronic engineering is the basis for development and a locomotive for new technologies both in microelectronics and the whole radio-electronic complex.

The equipment that we sell in Belarus, Russia, China, Iran, India, Republic of Korea as well as European countries includes the one to produce high-precision IC masks, PCBs, TV masks, wafer steppers, high-resolution microscopes and microscope-based computer complexes, fully automatic and semi-automatic dicing saws and diamond dicing wheels, probers, die bonders, thermo- and ultrasonic wire bonders, and wafer grinders, with equipment parameters being the same as those of the best samples of leading manufacturers.  

High scientific and technical capabilities of designers which remains, broad technological opportunities, developed production infrastructure and experience of highly qualified personnel was the basis for creation of a wide range of products that we offer fo sale, too, such as linear step drives, high precision rotor step motors, high precision molds and stamps, hard stone items, optical components, submersible pumps, shop equipment, and certain items of medical eqipment such as artificial heart valves,  nursing incubators, radiculitis treatment tables, distraction devices and other.

Our massive experience, hundreds of machines sold worldwide, our knowledge and responsibility are the key to mutually beneficial cooperation with future partners.

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